Monday, December 22, 2014

#MarvelSHP Annual 2014

The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast
Episode 025

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Face Front, True Believers! Don't call it a comeback! We been here for half a year! Yeah, it's a few days before Christmas and then the dead zone through New Year's, so we're phoning it in (sometimes literally!) For our twenty-fifth episode, we decided to follow a classic Marvel Comics tradition and run a bunch of "reprints" dolled up as an annual/giant-sized special! But see, besides gathering some of the most scintillating material from our first dozen or so episodes, the tracks have been reedited to include previously deleted material never before presented to the public! Sure, the audio quality is largely grody with rambling about long-shuttered local comic shops and movie talk past its sell-by date, but it's... uh... conversational! Excelsior!

Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here...

As you can tell, we love a fierce conversation and a pretty picture, so why don't you socialize with us, either by leaving a comment on this page or...

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